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Applications of our Products

HC Coils Ltd. supply finned heat exchangers and associated products to the HVAC, refrigeration and process cooling markets. We mainly sell our products to Air Conditioning installation specialists and also have a skilled team that can offer consultancy for any project you require help with.


Coils are individually designed for ducted air streams for direct duct mounting or installation in air handling unit, to heat or cool air using steam, water, glycol or refrigerant.


Temperature regulation is critical in a healthcare environment. Our equipment is the preferred solution, it has been designed to meet the standards required for clinical applications, and has been installed nationwide in hundreds of clinics and hospitals.

Commercial Buildings

Whether it is for a temperature controlled warehouse, a leisure centre, or office accommodation, our Heat exchange products can provide the most cost effective solutions whilst achieving optimal target temperatures.

Food Manufacturing

Hygiene is paramount in food production and temperature regulation is a critical part of this. We supply cooling products for the storage, manufacture and distribution of fresh produce nationwide.


Clean air and temperature regulation is vital for both pharmaceutical and high tech manufacturing companies. Our heat exchange products are essential for the close control of temperature and humidity.

Air Cooled Condensers:

Remote air cooled condensers are used for refrigeration systems on water chillers in supermarkets, convenience stores, food manufacturing and cold storage.

Dry Air Coolers – Air Blast Radiators:

Our dry air coolers are used in closed loop cooling systems for air conditioning, waste heat dump and process cooling for plastic moulding machines, air compressors, induction furnaces, free cooling and CHP engine generator engine cooling.

Forced Air Evaporators:

Forced air evaporators can be floor or ceiling mounted using refrigerant or glycol secondary refrigerant for refrigerated cold stores, food production areas and controlled atmosphere storage of fruit and vegetables.

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