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Run Around Coils

Run Around Coils
Heat Recovery Run Around Coils are designed for a closed loop water/ glycol circuit to recover heat from building extract ventilation systems and preheat the fresh air supply. HC Coils also supply Pump Set s to suit Run Around Heat Recovery Systems.

Run Around Coil Pump Sets
HC Coils range of Run around Coil Pump Sets are engineered to provide a cost effective pump package for Run Around Heat Recovery Systems. There are 5 Models in the range to suit flow rates from 0.4 to 7.6 l/s @ 210 kPa.

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Run Around Coil Pump Sets

Centrifugal type, single stage end suction, with an enclosed radial impeller, of stainless steel construction, fitted with a mechanical seal and close coupled to a three phase electric motor.

Standard metric frame, T.E.F.C., IP 55, 400 volt, 3 phase, 50 cycles.

Expansion tank
Manufactured from mild steel with a replaceable rubber membrane and sized to have sufficient volume to cater for thermal expansion of the system volume.

Pressure relief valve
Bronze design, fitted to prevent over pressurization of the system.

Pressure gauge
Fitted to discharge side of Pump.

Bronze and/or non ferrous design, screwed BSP.

Pipe work
Carbon steel to BS 1387.

Pipe fittings
Malleable iron to BS 143.

Base frame
Fabricated from mild steel sections.

Finish paint
Standard gloss colour RAL 6017 John Deere green.

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