CCZ Range Ceiling Mounted Coolers

Following approximately twelve months specialist Research and Design, using the latest advanced selection and 3D modelling software, HC Coils is pleased to launch the new CCZ range of Ceiling Mounted Discharge Coolers. These offer a modular configuration of units intended to suit most applications from a standard range of equipment.

The CCZ range offers a number of leading product advantages including our Z Fin coil configuration and multiple fan options for low noise, high pressure fans, and EC variable speed fans. The CCZ range is suitable for all applications and offers a greater surface area for cooling in a smaller footprint unit.

The CCZ Range is designed with the Z Fin Coil configuration which allows 50% more secondary (fin) to primary (tube) surface area on our evaporator coils. When using low temperature refrigeration systems, the Z Fin coil configuration offers a far more efficient solution in a more compact space then other products available. The three main benefits are the reduced fan power, increased secondary surface area (which can allow extended defrost intervals), and as the coils are more efficient our customers get a higher specification product at a lower cost.

Z Fin coils can be used in the construction of ceiling mounted and floor mounted coolers for low temperature industrial applications, which are particularly suitable for the food storage and processing industries. Z Fin coolers are available with both copper and stainless steel tubes, which allow a choice of different cooling mediums to be used.

The units can be selected for Direct Expansion refrigeration systems, Pumped Circulation R717 (Ammonia) refrigeration systems or Glycol secondary refrigerants.

We design, build, and configure our CCZ Products at our advanced manufacturing facilities here in Gosport, Hampshire, UK, under stringent quality controls and we are very pleased to be able to offer these products to our customers. Please contact our sales team today, or call us on 02392 501431, if you would like to find out more about our range of products.