Chilled Water Cooling Coils

CCZ Ceiling Mounted Cooler

The CCZ range offers a number of leading product advantages including our Z Fin coil configuration and multiple fan options for low noise, high pressure fans, and EC variable speed fans. The CCZ range is suitable for all applications and offers a greater surface area for cooling in a smaller footprint unit.

The CCZ Range is designed with the Z Fin Coil configuration which allows 50% more secondary (fin) to primary (tube) surface area on our evaporator coils. When using low temperature refrigeration systems, the Z Fin coil configuration offers a far more efficient solution in a more compact space then other products available. The three main benefits are the reduced fan power, increased secondary surface area (which can allow extended defrost intervals), and as the coils are more efficient our customers get a higher specification product at a lower cost.

The units can be selected for Direct Expansion refrigeration systems, Pumped Circulation R717 (Ammonia) refrigeration systems or Glycol secondary refrigerants.

The table below illustrates the various material and component configurations and optional features that we can offer in our CCZ range of ceiling mounted coolers:

CopperAluminiumPlain GalvanisedDucted axialElectric Light Duty
T304 Stainless SteelPolyester Coated AluminiumWhite Powder CoatedHigh pressure axialElectric Heavy Duty
CopperT304 Watch Case Stainless SteelLow noise / low velocity axialHot Gas
Electro tinned copperEasy Clean FeaturesAC OwletWarm Glycol
Bronz-GlowClean in Position Drain TrayEC OwletReverse Cycle
BlygoldHinged Fan PlatesAir Distribution Socks

Easy Clean

Easy CleanEasy Clean Casing Features.

• Accessible clean in position drain tray with 75 mm gap under coil block with hinged baffle.
• Hinged End Covers with ¼ turn fasteners
• Access to fan plenum
• White Powder Coated galvanised sheet steel casing or watch case finish T304 Stainless steel casing.
• Individual Fan Isolators
• Optional Hinged Fan Pates

EC Fans

EC FansEnergy saving fans, providing maximum efficiency, minimum consumption and 100 % speed controlable.

EC Fans are fan assemblies with Electronically commutated external rotor motors with integrated EC variable speed controller.

HC Coils offer Ziehl Abegg EC Blue Owlet Fan options for the complete ranges of Air Coolers, Dry Air Coolers and Air Cooled Condensers.

The EC Blue Owlet fans are highly efficient – IE4 (IEC60034-31) efficiency class offering the highest efficiency with the lowest possible noise level for any duty. Integrated speed control is achieved by 0 – 10 V proportional input enabling the fan to operate at the optimum speed and lowest energy consumption.

Individual Fan Isolators

We offer lockable fan isolators per fan for enhanced safety whilst undergoing maintenance.

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