T304 Stainless steel tubes are now offered as an alternative to copper tubes, where the environment or application of the hygiene process could cause premature failure of a copper tube coil.

HC Coils manufacture stainless steel tube solutions for several key industrial applications. The production process involves fabricating T304 stainless steel tubes, which are expanded into aluminium or polyester coated aluminium fins, and T304 stainless steel return bends and connecting headers, which are TIG welded using Lloyds Approved welding procedures.

HC Coils have completed a number of projects where T304 stainless steel tube is the preferred material offering for a longer life expectancy for minimal extra cost. Applications include Air Coolers for Food Production Factories where stringent hygiene procedures are required and premature failure of heat exchange equipment is both costly and disruptive. The HC Coil Z Fin Coil configuration is also designed for using T304 stainless steel tubes in Industrial Refrigeration Air Coolers using R717 (Ammonia) Pumped Circulation Refrigerants.

Ammonia is one of the preferred natural refrigerants for industrial cooling and offers a more environmentally friendly solution then Hydrocarbon refrigerants. Stainless steel tubes offer the perfect solution for running a high efficiency Ammonia based system, and the tubes are also lighter then their traditional galvanised counterparts. Another benefit of moving towards Ammonia based systems is the longevity of Ammonia as a refrigerant medium. With a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 0, Ammonia will not be phased out as a refrigerant unlike other HFC mediums, which means you can be sure that an investment in a stainless steel tube cooling system is one for the long term.

We design, build, and configure our T304 stainless steel coils at our advanced manufacturing facilities here in Gosport, Hampshire, UK, under stringent quality controls and we are very pleased to be able to offer these products to our customers. Please contact our sales team today, or call us on 02392 501431, if you would like to find out more about our range of products.