2 – 16 Fans Nominal Capacity 116 – 850 kW

The NV-EC & NW – EC range of Dry Air Coolers are designed for cooling water / glycol fluids in process cooling and Industrial Fluid Applications for water chillers, induction furnaces, engine and compressor cooling, CHP and power generation industries, with many features for reliable and cost effective water cooling. The units are designed for vertical airflow with V configuration coils. The low profile modular design gives a compact foot print with minimum height. Ziehl Abegg EC (Electrically Commutated) Owlet fan assemblies are used for high efficiency and low noise with the benefit of variable fan speed control by simple 0 – 10 v proportional input and optional ModBus connectivity.

The NW-EC is a unique configuration of a pair of V configuration coils in one casing offering the most compact foot print with the lowest height.



Coil: ½” o.d. seamless drawn copper tube mechanically expanded into aluminium fins for efficient heat transfer.

Casing: Galvanised Sheet Steel finished with Polyester Powder Coating BS4800 00A05 Goose Wing Grey.

Fan Assemblies: Ziehl Abegg EC Owlet Fans for 400/3/50Hz supply and variable speed control by 0 – 10 v proportional input, wired to a terminal box at the connection end of the unit.

Optional features:

Polyester Coated Aluminium Fins
Plain Copper Fins
Electro tinned Copper Fins
EC Fan Speed Control Panel
5/8” o.d. T304 stainless steel tubes

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