DDL Industrial Dual Discharge Coolers

The DDL range of industrial dual discharge unit coolers are designed for medium and large cold rooms used for food storage and food preparation applications. The DDL range offers a range of cooling duties from 6 to 80 kW using DX refrigerant, Pumped Circulation Ammonia or Glycol Secondary cooling fluids. High efficient aerofoil fans are fitted with 3 fan speed options to provide low noise and low velocity for operator comfort in food manufacturing working areas.

The table below illustrates the various material and component configurations and optional features that we can offer in our DDL range of Dual Discharge ceiling mounted coolers:


Tube Fin Casework Fan Defrost
Copper Aluminium White Powder Coated Standard AC Electric Coil and Drain Tray
 T304 Stainless Steel Polyester Coated Aluminium T304 Watch Case Stainless Steel  Low Noise AC Hot Gas Coil

Electric Drain Tray

Copper T316 Plain Stainless Steel Ultra Low Noise AC
Electro tinned copper  Easy Clean Features  EC Variable Speed
Bronz-Glow  Clean in Position Drain Tray
Blygold  Hinged Fan Plates

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