DX Cooling Coils

DX evaporator cooling coils are fluid to air to fluid heat exchangers. Generally constructed from copper tubes mechanically expanded into aluminium plate fins with self spacing collars to ensure efficient heat transfer. The Refrigerant flows into the coil through the tubes from the liquid distributor into individual circuits formed with copper return bends terminating into an outlet header manifold. The heat is transferred from the air flowing over the fins and tubes into the refrigerant flowing through the tubes, as the warm air flows over the coil the low pressure refrigerant liquid evaporates and exits the coil as superheated vapour. The coil assembly is contained in a sheet metal casing with a drain tray to collect the condensate which will be produced when the air is cooled below dewpoint. Where moisture carryover over may occur due to air velocity or condensate load, moisture eliminator blades are fitted to prevent carryover into the air stream.



Coils are constructed from Seamless Drawn Copper – to BS EN 12449 – mechanically expanded into aluminium fins with die-formed self-spacing collars. Copper return bends, liquid distributor, and tubular copper headers are silver brazed into the tube ends. The coil casing is formed from heavy gauge galvanised sheet steel – to BS EN 10143 – to make a rigid assembly. Tube end plates have die formed collared holes to allow expansion and contraction of the tubes without damage. Drain trays are provided as standard, v-formed with an air baffle to prevent air bypass, and a BSP(M) drain connection. Alternatively, perforated bottom plates may be provided to allow drainage into the customer’s own drain tray.

Optional Features:

Polyester coated aluminium fins are available to give protection in certain aggressive environments. Alternatively, plain copper or tinned copper fins are available.
For positive pressure or high pressure ducted systems, boxed ends should be specified to enclose headers and return bends, and minimise air leakage.
Brass, Aluminium or Stainless Steel casings are also available.

For low temperature applications where frosting of the coil will occur provision for defrosting can be incorporated into the coil.

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