Engine Cooling in the Falkland Islands

May 11, 2017

HC Coils have designed and manufactured special Air Blast Coolers to replace original equipment for the Diesel Engine Power Generators at RAF Mount Pleasant in the Falklands – one of the most remote locations in the world.


The Falkland Islands are situated in the South Atlantic, approximately 400 miles from the South American mainland and 850 miles north of the Antarctic Circle. It has been the home for nearly 200 years for a colony of approximately 2,500 people. Our Air Blast Coolers were chosen to replace the original equipment that had been in operation since 1983.

Our customer did not want the risk of relying on the accuracy of the original drawings so as part of our customer service our senior design engineer took a military flight from Brize Norton to the Falklands via Ascension Island to survey the installation.


“One of the toughest challenges we faced was actually getting to the site and carrying out an accurate site survey – gathering technical information and measurements. The 8,000 mile trip took me 35 hours one way…it wasn’t too bad on the way back as it was only 24!
Luckily the transportation had been upgraded to a passenger class plane – had I flown out a couple of years previously I would have been strapped into the back of a Hercules!”

Senior Design Engineer

The six Air Blast Coolers each have separate cooling circuits for HT Engine Jacket, LT Secondary Water Cooling and Engine Lube Oil giving 1200 kW of cooling. The main challenge for this project was to match the footprint and design of the existing units to fit the available space and minimise the installation time in the challenging environment of this South Atlantic Island.


The design was then finalised including special features which included hot dip galvanised steel support frame to existing feet positions, extended fan discharge ducts with bird grille and reversible fans.


The units were too large to fit in standard shipping containers so they were custom packed for sea freight. The units are now installed and providing cooling for this strategically important installation.

“We started the survey on the early hours of the Tuesday morning, and following a briefing, and some extremely strong coffee, I was on site by the afternoon discussing our initial drawings with the client.”

“Whilst this was a challenging job, this project demonstrates HC Coils commitment to perfection and accuracy, and I was very proud to be part of the team that delivered this project successfully.”


Senior Design Engineer