Frost damage to your system? HC Coils can fix it for you…

Dec 2, 2016

Frost damage can occur anywhere below 0° C – this can cause significant damage to your Heat Exchanger Coils

When temperatures start to drop it is vital that you ensure your Heating and Cooling systems are properly cared for. It is not unheard of for temperatures to drop below 0° C as early as September-October in certain parts of the country which leaves a small window of time to carry out preventative maintenance. This can be as simple as just topping up your Glycol levels but more complex systems you should refer to your manufacturers guidelines.

If Glycol levels and/or frost protection systems are not maintained there is a real danger that the tubes within the coils could freeze, bulge, and then rupture. A damaged tube will result in further loss of fluid which will cause more consequential damage to the system, resulting in a loss of cooling or heating, and eventually a higher price to remedy.

If you suffer from a damaged coil, HC Coils will be able to manufacture a replacement to your specifications in the quickest time possible. As all our manufacturing facilities are here at our Gosport headquarters, we can ensure a rapid turnaround for all repair work. We just need the dimensions and material specs for your coil to manufacture a replacement.

For instances where more than one coil is damaged, or the repair job is particularly complicated, we would arrange to send one of our engineers out to your site to ensure that the correct replacement parts are installed. They would take detailed specifications of your system and send them to our manufacturing team to ensure accuracy of fit and fix.

We design, build, and configure heating and cooling coils at our advanced manufacturing facilities here in Gosport, Hampshire, UK, under stringent quality controls and we are very pleased to be able to offer these products to our customers.

Please contact our sales team today on 02392 501431 if you would like to find out more about our range of products.