HC Coils supply 15 MW of Dry Air Coolers to European client

Jan 18, 2019

Earlier this year we received an interesting enquiry via our website looking for a large scale cooling solution for a large European industrial manufacturer. The requirements involved high specification cooling systems to cool down their test facilities for diesel engine manufacturing. HC Coils were one of a handful of suppliers that were shortlisted for the job.

One of our sales team drove across to the destination one morning to meet the team and discuss the specifications. After half a day of discussion and specification the HC Coils proposal was ready for submission and our sales exec hit the road and drove back again. The customer was very specific about their requirements, and as we are renowned for our bespoke solutions, we listened very carefully and accommodated all of their needs.

We received notification that we had won the contract over the competition shortly after the initial meeting and so the design process began…

HC Coils were tasked with designing a unit that could cope with a significant cooling load in a specific footprint and that was physically possible to manufacture – this was not an easy task. Our designers designed the system using 3D modelling software to ensure that it was feasible and then we submitted the plans for approval to the client.

Once the client approved our designs we produced a comprehensive production plan to ensure we could meet their delivery target. Manufacturing began following that, taking approximately 8 weeks from start to finish, and the client then visited us for a factory acceptance. Following sign off the customer arranged for collection and the units were transported to Belgium.