Specialised machinery helps HC Coils save time and money

Jun 8, 2017

Watch a short video clip of our End Closer Machine in action…

HC Coils have an array of specialised machinery and tooling for building our heat exchanger coils from the ground up. A good example of this is our End Closer machine which is used for the creation of copper coils for our heat exchanger units. Our heat exchanger units are used in every product we make and are therefore core to our manufacturing process. They can be found in Air Blast Coolers, Forced Air Coolers, Ceiling Mounted Coolers, Air Cooled Condensers, Biomass Heaters and many more of our custom designed products.

Unlike other companies, who typically need to braze a separate end cap onto their tubing, our machine uses a spinning former which closes the tube end by friction whilst heating the copper piping and forming a domed end-cap from a single copper tube. The main advantages of this procedure are lower material costs for production and reduced time spent on capping off the headers. This helps us save money which we pass on to our customers.

The picture above shows a completed header, and the video briefly shows the formation process.