Visit HC Coils in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Dec 16, 2022

One of the unique features of our new purpose built manufacturing facility on the south coast of England is that we are based near the grounds of an important local airport. Solent Airport Daedalus is a CAA-approved Licensed Aerodrome which is operated by Fareham Borough council and is right next to our office. It is a hub of activity of business and there are a number of light aircraft and historic aircraft flights daily.

Recently the entire airport was mapped in 3D for the Microsoft Flight Simulator Game at levels of stunning photorealism by specialist software development house Burning Blue Design and we are happy to report we saw a very familiar building (pictured Right). Their website gives a little more history on the location:

“Located on the South coast between the cities of Southampton and Portsmouth, Solent Airport began its history in 1917 as a Naval seaplane training school. Training continued throughout both World Wars, with the airfield being commissioned “HMS Daedalus” in 1939.By the 1960’s, HMS Daedalus began hovercraft trials to test hovercraft for interservice military uses. These trials continued until 1982 before being closed. Today, the hovercraft museum offers visitors the chance to browse the largest collection of hovercraft in the world. HMS Daedalus was formally closed in 1996, but brought back into existence when Fareham Borough Council purchased the site in 2015. It was officially renamed Solent Airport in 2016.Today, Solent Airport is a busy civilian airfield, with local flight school Phoenix Aviation, the HM Coastguard Search and Rescue and all calling it their home.”

So if you are spending some of your winter holiday in front of a computer or an Xbox, and fancy flying past and saying hi, you can purchase and download the add on pack here (requires Microsoft Flight Simulator to run).

Render of HC Coils office in 3d