Why you should use Free Cooling for process cooling applications

Feb 9, 2017

HC Coil Dry Air Coolers are used for Energy Saving Free Cooling applications in a variety of industrial and manufacturing processes

As the ambient temperature reduces, the free cooler will cool more of the cooling load until 100% free cooling is achieved when the ambient is below the flow temperature. Depending on location and water temperature required, some systems can pay for themselves within the first 6 months with energy savings.

Here are our top 6 reasons for using HC Coils Packaged Free Cooling systems:

  • Cost.

The reduction in energy consumption will have an immediate effect on your energy bills. The amount of saving depends on the application, but for most of the year (in the UK) you can achieve free cooling in all but the hottest summer temperatures. In certain circumstances this can equate to a rapid Return on Investment (ROI) with the potential complete payback of your system within 6 months.

  • Environmentally Friendly.

Your carbon footprint will be reduced by virtue of the fact that less energy is needed to run your cooling system. Companies have a social responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint, and this is a great way to do so.

  • Increased Lifespan.

Your refrigeration equipment will be working less with one of our Free Cooling systems, with the workload on the chiller being greatly reduced due to the increased offloading time, and as a result the refrigeration system will be subject to less wear and tear in general.

  • Increased ROI vs Integrated systems.

HC Coils Packaged Free Coolers are able to achieve 100% free cooling, due to the increased surface area and efficient coil design. Because we design and manufacture our Free Cooling units entirely we are able to achieve total free cooling when the ambient is as high as 3° C below the required process water temperature. This is not normally achievable on a typical free cooling chiller.

  • System redundancy.

In the eventuality of your refrigeration system suffering from failure, the Free Cooling system will continue to operate, providing partial or total cooling which gives you a form of failsafe mechanism. This can allow you to continue operating whilst essential maintenance and repair work is carried out on your main refrigeration system.

  • Ease of Installation.

HC Coils Packaged Free Cooler systems have been designed with ease of installation in mind for both new and retrofit installation scenarios. They include integrated fan control panels, diverting valves to bypass the Free Cooler in high ambient temperature when free cooling would not be available, and single inlet and outlet connections which help reduce additional pipework on installation.